Our team of wellness specialists develop in person or virtual customized experiences & programs. Combined, our team has over 100 years of experience helping cultivate positive change


Ken Cox

Ken Cox is a Certified Yoga Instructor with 20 years of experience teaching Yoga and Meditation. Ken teaches yoga as a philosophy and science designed to reach your highest human potential with a peaceful and loving mind. He knows from experience, that the practice of yoga can transform your life over time. The goal of each class is to learn how to have a relationship with the present moment.  




Frank Kwiatkowski

Chef Frank Kwiatkowski has been delivering distinctive culinary experiences for a decade. Having completed his culinary degree from Kendall College, he honed his talents under the tutelage of renowned chefs at Michelin Star restaurants, including Intro and Somerset. Frank has perfected his cooking classes, food stylings, and corporate event catering engagements.

Jessica Tulbure

Jessica Tulbure is a Certified Yoga Instructor with over four years of experience. Jessica is Certified in Reiki and has lead a variety of different mindful experiences such as Yoga, Meditation and Cacao Ceremonies. Jessica turned her yoga practice into a lifestyle and is aware of how yoga simplifies and impacts her life in a positive way. 

Morgan Matson

Drew Hulburt

Drew Hulburt is a certified Personal Trainer who specializes in correcting and preventing common issues created by sedentary office work. Aching necks, low back pain, slouched postures and rounded shoulders often lead to costly injuries. Drew helps create proper alignment while eliminating aches. He teaches techniques to stay active and healthy for the rest of ones life. 

Kailey Whipple

Morgan Matson is a Certified Personal Trainer through PTA Global. Morgan has experience as a Physical Educator, Health Instructor and Athletic Director. Morgan is passionate about empowering others through fitness. She approaches wellness with a “Make it Fun” attitude and is always ready to help you find your inner spark.   

Kailey Whipple is a copywriter and content marketing strategist who writes about holistic health and wellness. She is a Certified Meditation Teacher, and an advocate for taking a holistic, alternative approach to health and healing. Kailey cares about eradicating domestic violence and supporting the evolution of human kind into loving, compassionate, respectful and radiant beings. 

Joy Lucinda, MS, CR

Joy Lucinda is passionate about sharing customized approaches to purposeful living, meaningful work and the importance an individuals gifts and mission. Through mindset strategies, change management, therapeutic writing, reflexology, energy work and nature therapy, she has helped over 1,500 clients and teams to realize and fulfill the implementation of their purpose, mission and goals faster and easier than seems possible through destination retreats, speaking, workshops, coaching and consulting. 

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